Web Chat

Welcome to our web chat service!

9:30am - 3pm Mon-Fri 

Please see the information below for how to use this service, what it is for and where you can access our support services after contact. 

Using the online chat service

You can talk to our team and get information about the support available via our online chat service. Please note that we cannot provide bespoke in depth support through our chat service, for 1 to 1 support services, please ring 01434 60 80 30.

Please note that we have limited staff on our chat service so if they do not respond immediately, they will be chatting to someone else and they will respond as soon as they are free.

This chat service is available between 9:30am & 3pm Monday – Friday. Any messages sent out of this time will be sent to us via email and responded to when the team are next online. We are reviewing this regularly.

House Rules

This chat service is for information and basic advice, we cannot offer in depth support in this way. To receive support, please call 01434 608030 between 9.30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday and speak to one of the team for immediate practical and emotional support and to discuss the support you need. You will then join our waiting list for one-to-one support, however you can contact us at any time for support until a practitioner supports you on a 1 to 1 basis.

You can also provide a contact number via the web chat and someone will ring you back that day.

Click on the chat box below to get started or you can view our FAQs below.


  • Are my messages confidential?

Yes, conversations are confidential but are held in accordance to GDPR

  • Is it free?

Yes it won’t cost you a penny

  • How do I get support?

By ringing us on 01434 60 80 30

  • How do I get started?

Click on the chat icon above and you will be redirected to our chat screen where you can start chatting or leave us a message if it is out of hours

  • Do you help anyone?

We support all victims of domestic abuse and their children living in Northumberland

  • Do I need to sign in?

No you can just start chatting

  • Do you need my name or any details?

If you want 1 to 1 support, we will need some basic details

  • When can I access the service?

The webchat is available between 12noon & 2pm Mon-Fri but our phones are answered between 10am and 4:30pm Mon-Fri

  • Can children use the web chat?

Our web chat is directed at people aged 16+ however if a young person posts a query, we will consult with our Children’s Practitioners to get the answer

  • Can I use this in an emergency?

No our web chat will not keep you safe, if you are in danger call 999

  • How can I start an online chat?

Click on the chat icon above and you will be redirected to our chat screen where you can start chatting or leave us a message if it is out of hours

  • How does the online chat service work?

You will be able to type your questions in the chat window and one of our team will respond.

When you are ready to end your chat our team member will sign off and the chat will end. Please note that this service is currently only available in English. 

  • How quickly will I get a response?

We have a limited number of staff available for this chat service, so it may take a few minutes to receive a response but the team will reply. If you use the chat service out of hours, it will send the team an email and they will then respond when they are back online. Please note that the chat service is only for information and sign posting to available services, we cannot provide support via chat or emails received via the chat service.

All online chat conversations with our team are completely confidential. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.

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