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Do you know how to support people affected by domestic abuse?

The last year has been challenging for us all on so many levels. We have been unable to spend time with friends, family and work colleagues, following instruction to stay at home, and to work from home.

Due to furlough, redundancy and home working, those living with abuse no longer have any safe spaces, or time. They have lived with abuse all day, every day, locked at home with their abuser, navigating extra pressures, home educating and keeping themselves and their children as safe as possible. Options to access support have been limited with lockdowns used by offenders to further their control.

Now we are coming out of lockdown, those that can will be returning to the work place in the near future and employers are planning to make that happen in a safe way.

What about employees and colleagues who have lived in unknown abusive situations over the last year? Will you be ready for them? Will you know what to do if someone you know asks for help? Will you notice the signs that things may not be well at home – what would you do?

NDAS can provide awareness talks and training, allowing you to champion domestic abuse in the workplace so work colleagues feel valued and safe, knowing that their place of work is a safe, non-judgemental one, knowing where and how they can access support.

If interested, please call us on 01434 608030 or email via the "GENERAL ENQUIRIES" section of our contact us page

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