Signs of an unhealthy relationship

Domestic Abuse can take on many forms. Some examples of types of abuse include: Physical abuse – includes hitting, punching, choking, and restraining or blocking exits so the victim cannot leave. Mental abuse – includes threats to harm or kill the victim, threats to commit suicide, threats to loved ones and/or pets, intimidating gestures or actions, displaying weapons, and downplaying the abuse. Emotional abuse – includes invalidating feelings, being jealous, withholding affection, not allowing the victim to sleep, stalking, and blaming the victim, name calling, insulting the victim, and yelling. Sexual abuse – forcing sex, criticising how the victim dresses, withholding sex, threatening to or having an affair, comparing sex with the victim to sex with others, and demanding sex as payment. Financial abuse – limiting access to money, controlling the money or making the victim explain every expense, closing bank accounts, and creating debt in the victims name.

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