Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health awareness week

Supporting young people

The sudden change in children and teenagers routines because of the impact of Domestic Abuse but also combined with the Covid 19 crisis will be worrying and upsetting, younger children might find it difficult to understand. But there are lots of things we can do to look after are CYP mental health and wellbeing. The self-help tool kit is a great place to start talking to your children reminding your child it is normal to feel unsure or scared.

The tool kit has lots of fun engaging activity’s to help with health and wellbeing.

Few tips to help your child beat anxiety or worrying feelings.

· Reassure them they are safe

· Help them talk about their worries

· Teach them coping skills

· Help create structure and routine

· Limit their exposure to the news

· Encourage them to stay connected with friends

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