Women's Hubs

We recently received some fab feedback from Changing Lives about our 6 week programme designed specifically for their women's hubs. The programme is a supportive space for discussion, gaining confidence and skills, and has been developed in response to the suggestions and ideas from women attending the women's hub sessions.

"Not only have the facilitators been extremely flexible in their delivery and allowed the women to direct the sessions, but they have been very creative with materials. The women have enjoyed the interaction with music and were all instantly able to relate, the discussions have at times been difficult and brought back unhappy memories. However the women have all left on a positive note and valued the support they have given each other. The shared experience’s combined with new programme materials has made the experience a positive one for the women and one which we would definitely recommend!"

It is fantastic to get feedback like this for the work that we do, and we are excited to have such great partnerships with local service providers and organisations.

If you want to know more about the training that NDAS can deliver, have a look at our training page, and drop us a line!

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