Opportunity to protect violence against women and girl's services - will your MP turn up on 16th December?

This December there is a chance that MPs could vote for the strongest law the UK has ever seen to tackle violence against women and girls: the Istanbul Convention. The Convention is the most comprehensive legal framework that exists, outlining minimum standards for a State’s response to violence against women and girls. It covers prevention, protection, prosecution and monitoring. 


The Istanbul Convention would guarantee urgently needed change to prevent and tackle violence against women. For example, it would protect funding for domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centres, and 24/7 helplines; ensure education on healthy relationships in schools; and guarantee awareness-raising campaigns. The UK Government has been promising to make the Istanbul Convention law since 2012.  It has taken steps in this direction but it’s 2016 and we’re still waiting.


On 16 December, we have a unique opportunity to make sure the Government fulfils its promise to  ratify the Istanbul Convention. Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP has introduced a Private Member’s Bill (PMB) which would require the UK Government to make the Istanbul Convention law in the UK - if successful. A Private Member’s Bill is a proposal to change the law, and like any other Bill it needs to be agreed by Parliament. This means that other MPs need to attend a debate about it and vote to support it. If 100 MPs turn up and vote on 16 December, it will pass to the next stage.


However, the 16 December is on a Friday morning - a time when many MPs would normally be in their local constituencies. That’s why it’s essential for each of us  to contact our MPs and tell them why it’s so important to show up and support the Bill on 16 December.

Rights for women in refuge

The government has announced it will make it easier for people to register to vote anonymously, a change for which charities working with women who have experienced domestic abuse have long campaigned.

The charities argue that while it can be vital for women who have escaped violent relationships to conceal their whereabouts, the current hurdles for being allowed to remain off the public electoral roll are very high.

Those seeking to register anonymously have to present either a court order or other legal document, or a letter from a senior police officer or another very high-ranking official.


The constitution minister, Chris Skidmore, told parliament on Wednesday that the government would look at simplifying the qualifying evidence necessary to register anonymously.  Read the full article on the Guardian website 

Our young volunteer Shannon Burns has been awarded her v100 award for all the amazing work she has been doing with us here at NDAS.

Vinspired is the UK's leading volunteering charity for 14 - 25 year olds and helps young people to make their mark on causes that they care about, whilst learning new skills and talents along the way.

Volunteering can help young people thrive, and transform the communities they live in. It teaches them vital skills, like teamwork and problem-solving and prepares them for their future.

Sponsored Sky Dive


Now you may be thinking of all the things stopping you from taking part in this charity event… I am too scared, it’s something I haven't done before or I won't know what to do! You may be thinking it might be out of my comfort zone ..what if no-one will support me or what if it’s not safe...!!!

The list could go on...

Children living with domestic abuse face these barriers every day and more.

Fear, apprehension, confusion, lack of understanding, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to get support, not knowing who to trust, not feeling safe.

By finding ways to overcome your barriers YOU can help us to support children and young people affected by domestic abuse to overcome theirs. To get the support they need. To be listened feel show people have a positive impact in their lives.


We are asking for a £50 deposit per person to secure your place for event (non-refundable).

The total cost of the sky dive is £250:00 (This can be paid monthly) and we are asking participants to raise an additional £150:00 (minimum) in sponsorship.  Please contact Maggie Martin on 07867301315