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Freedom Programme:

The Freedom Programme is a domestic violence programme, designed by Pat Craven who is an ex Probation and Parole Officer. She has worked with a wide range of people and has written a selection of books on domestic violence and its effects.

This programme helps you to distinguish between abusive and non-abusive behaviours in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. The course focuses on the types of tactics that a perpetrator would use and compares these to how an individual would behave in a healthy relationship.

Freedom Forever Programme:

The Freedom Forever Programme is a follow on programme, for those who have completed the Freedom Programme. Unfortunately, when a victim breaks free from an abuser the abuse can escalate, as they begin to lose the power and control they once had. This course aims to teach survivors the skills and knowledge to live a life free from abuse.

The course enables women to receive further advice and support in a group setting around issues such as managing child contact and coercive control. It includes an overview of child protection procedures and information about how to seek the most effective legal advice. There are exercises on how to increase assertiveness and to respond to the specific effects on the children from exposure to domestic abuse.


The Recovery Toolkit:

This programme is designed for women who have left abusive relationships. It aims to provide the resources to maximise your own potential. The aims of the course are: to positively change how you perceive yourself; to encourage the development of strategies to help you cope with emotional pain; to recognise the effects of abuse on children, encouraging positive parenting skills; to positively change how you interact with others; to set individual goals and to give individuals the knowledge needed to enable them to move forward in their lives and develop healthy relationships.

To find out more about one of our programmes or for course dates please speak to someone from our team, by calling us on 01434 608030, or contact us by email.


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