Children & Young People

We can support children & young people affected by domestic abuse and we also have a prevention worker who works with groups of children in schools & group settings. Please see below for further details.
Young People Tool Kit

The self-help toolkit is a very interactive tool children and young people can use for support, educational and entertainment purposes. The booklet is split into different categories which are signposted by different page colours making it easy to find what you’re interested in. the toolkit is focused on health and well being to guide, give you new ideas for self-care with fun activities to do. This toolkit has been designed with the image of empowering and supporting young people now, as well as having a lasting positive impact in their future.​

Prevention work:                                                                                 

An NDAS Prevention Practitioner will:


  • Provide awareness and knowledge of domestic abuse in group work with children and young people aged 9 years and up to 18+ but flexibility for young people/ adults with special needs accessing service for support.

  • Develop and raise children’s and young people’s awareness to overcome the negative impacts of living with domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships in their lives.

  • Provide a safe place to explore their own social, emotional and behavioral skills and wellbeing

  • Provide a toolkit of strategies to help manage, keep self-safe, raising self-worth and confidence

  • Work with vulnerable children and young people who are experiencing or, at risk of domestic abuse or sexual exploitation, ensuring safeguarding procedures are put in place.

  • Support professionals working with children and young people, creating a referral pathway and providing training and awareness of Domestic abuse.

  • Evidence outcomes: by evaluating the tools and progress made by the children or young people.

In order to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), personal data for group participants will be held by the host organisation (not NDAS). This data will only be requested from the organisation by NDAS Prevention Practitioner in the event of a safeguarding issue/concern.


To find out more about our prevention work or to arrange a group session at your school or youth group, please send our prevention worker a message:- 

Group work request
Supporting children & young people who have been affected by domestic abuse:

We support the children and young people of the adults we work with, providing therapy to help them help cope and recover from the long standing impact of domestic abuse.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to support children who's parent/guardian is not already being supported by our service but we are able to sign post other services that may be to help, you can also find a list of them here

To make a referral, please call 01434 608030 (Mon-Fri 10am - 4:30pm) or submit an online referral form here.