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Group Referrals
You can now make a CADAN Group Work Referral into the CADAN project team! To make a referral, contact our Prevention Coordinator at

Criteria for appropriate CADAN Group work referrals, is listed below.


Referrals must be for:


  • A minimum of 3 children/young people

  • Children/young people must be between the age of 9 – 17 years (up to 25 with additional needs)

  • In need of support to manage relationships/friendships

An NDAS Prevention Practitioner will:


  • Provide awareness and knowledge of domestic abuse in group work with children and young people aged 9 years and up to 18+ but flexibility for young people/ adults with special needs accessing service for support.

  • Develop and raise children’s and young people’s awareness to overcome the negative impacts of living with domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships in their lives.

  • Provide a safe place to explore their own social, emotional and behavioral skills and wellbeing

  • Provide a toolkit of strategies to help manage, keep self-safe, raising self-worth and confidence

  • Work with vulnerable children and young people who are experiencing or, at risk of domestic abuse or sexual exploitation, ensuring safeguarding procedures are put in place.

  • Support professionals working with children and young people, creating a referral pathway and providing training and awareness of Domestic abuse.

  • Evidence outcomes: by evaluating the tools and progress made by the children or young people.

In order to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), personal data for group participants will be held by the host organisation (not NDAS). This data will only be requested from the organisation by NDAS Prevention Practitioner in the event of a safeguarding issue/concern.

Read more about CADAN on our project overview                     here.


Find out about The CADAN Project roots, and how it all started


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Projects & News

Social Action Research
The 'First Time Free' drama tour identified a number of gaps in knowledge around topics of consent among young people - particularly boys.

The CADAN project is currently working with Barefoot Research to carry out Social Action Research: 'Boys views on consent (perspectives in the 21st century)'.

NDAS is funding the research and other partners are involved from Grace, Cygnus and Northumberland County Council Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team for Education.

What we want to know - What do lower Key Stage Three (age 11 - 14 years) and upper Key Stage Four (age 14 - 16 years) boys know about consent, what is their understanding of consent, what are their attitudes towards consent, and where do their attitudes come from?

Areas to be explored - Knowledge, Skills, Law, Capacity, Relevance.
The full report, with recommendations, is expected to be completed and ready to share soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Partnership Working

The development worker will deliver work with a partnership approach when delivering prevention programmes (with both voluntary and statutory providers of services for children and young people). This will enable them raise awareness, generate conversations and debate, provide opportunities for changes in attitude and behaviours regarding domestic abuse to a far wider audience.

Through the development of Children’s Domestic Abuse Ambassadors (CDAAs) steering group. CDAA’s will be identified and developed with representation from both Statutory and Voluntary organisations and young people. This is to ensure there is a coordinated partnership approach to delivering services, sharing good practice, knowledge, information and identifying appropriate resources and activities for children and young people.

First Time Free - Sexual Exploitation Drama

This summer the NDAS CYP team and young people from across Northumberland were hard at work bringing a powerful drama about sexual exploitation to the stage in high schools in the region. 

The group had a fantastic opportunity to work with Open Clasp Theatre Company to create a short drama that  looks at relationships and making healthy, informed choices. 'First Time Free' then went on tour across Northumberland high schools, (performed to Year 9 students), and was opened to the public through a number of community events. This was a great chance for anyone interested in the topics raised, or for those working in safeguarding, domestic abuse or youth work, to come along and join discussion. 

Funded by the Arts Council England, and made in collaboration with the multi-award winning women's theatre company specialists it really was an exclusive and exciting opportunity, with fantastic results.

Read the project report here which explains the project in more detail and includes feedback from schools, professionals and Open Clasp practitioners. 

Youth Participation

Chelsie Andrews - Northumberland County Council Young Apprentice for Participation will be joining NDAS one day a week to develop a strategy to involve children & young people in NDAS planning, evaluation and decision making processes, and develop ways to: -


  • Routinely check back with children and young people to ensure that their experience of practice, services and activities for them have developed and improved based on what they have told us though evaluation.

  • Engage with children and young people to elicit their views and ascertainable wishes and feelings.

  • Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and to strengthen lines of accountability.

  • Ensure the views of children and young people influence the activities and services they receive and service development.

  • Bring about improved outcomes for children, young people and their families by improving professional practice and the quality of service delivery.

  • Identify a communication strategy to ensure we capture the views, opinions and feedback from children and young people.


Chelsie’s first project involved working alongside Becky Childs - Victim Care Coordinator & Restorative Justice Practitioner from Victims First Northumbria to support the development of scenarios & relationship quiz which you can find on the website

If you are looking for additional support from the team at Victims First Northumbria, you can refer directly using these email addresses listed below. There is a contact email address to refer young people (4-17 years), and one to refer adults (18+):

Young people:


Zipit - Sexting

NDAS Children's Service is currently working with Livity which is a London Based Youth Marketing Agency who worked with Childline to develop an app called Zipit – this is an app that contains a series of funny memes that young people can use in response to unwanted sexting situations.


This summer, they are updating the app with new content in the form of gifs and have invited one of our young person to be on their creative ambassador panel. The purpose of the panel is to involve young people to better understand the kinds of situations young people face around sexting,  gather funny GIFs from across the internet that could be used in response to unwanted sexting situations

and review and share their opinion on the creative work they develop.

NE Youth – Clay Pigeon Shoot

NE Youth the North East’s leading youth development charity supporting young people and youth organisations organised another incredibly successful young person’s clay pigeon shoot in August. 15 young people attended and had a thoroughly enjoyable day; they met new friends and learnt new skills. 

The fun competition at the end went to an exciting shoot off between Phil Dunn from Ellington Juniors and Ross Whalley from Evolution. Ross just coming out on top in the end. Patrick Million came third from Seaton Delaval Dynamos.

The most improved shot award went to Abbie Hulme from Whitley Bay Sporting Club.

Young Women's Film Academy

Little Big Butterfly in partnership with Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS) and Northumberland Youth Service have been developing a film project with young women from Ponteland High School in Northumberland funded through Dame Vera Baird, The Community Foundation and Metro Radio cash for Kids.

The project has enabled a group of young women to take part in an exclusive opportunity to work with industry professional film makers to create a short film exploring relationships and promoting healthy choices.


The project commenced in March 2017 with weekly workshops (after school) on the site of Ponteland High School, the girls have worked with an all-female crew of mentors to write, film and edit their own film, supported by youth work staff from NDAS and Northumberland Youth Service. The young women taking part are working towards their Bronze Arts Award in addition to learning skills in film production, scrip writing, character development, technical cinematography, production and post production.

Filming took place over the summer holidays and is currently in the editing stage. Young people from Northumberland Youth Service NCS programme were involved in film acting as extras for scenes – we are currently developing the additional resource pack for professionals to go together with the film. 


The film 'Lexi, Jo and Amy' launched at a screening event at the Tyneside Cinema at the end of November, with our CEO Georgia and Little Bit Butterfly's Clara interviewed on Metro Radio.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Little Big Butterfly and our funders Dame Vera Baird, The Community Foundation and Metro Radio Cash for Kids. The film was later screened at a Key Stage 4 Strengthening Learning session at County Hall with Dame Vera. 

You can read the project report here to find out more about it and see the film here!

Control. Short film collaboration with Raw London.

Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) have been working with Raw Productions, a London based media organisation, to produce a powerful and emotive brand new film that focuses on young people’s struggles with coercive and controlling relationships. These behaviours are not currently as widely understood or discussed in the public sphere as physically violent relationships.

The campaign and film Control won Partnership of the Year at NE Youth 2017, Gold at both EVCOM Screen and EVCOM Clarion Awards 2017 and Gold at Summit Creative Awards 2017. The film has reached audiences far and wide and is receiving acclaim for the powerful content and execution. See the film here, and follow us on Facebook to find out where Control is screened next, and hear the latest news about nominations, awards and public feedback! It is going from strength to strength - thanks, RAW!

First Aid Trained and ready for anything! Children and Young People Domestic Abuse Coordinator Maggie and Children's Domestic Abuse Volunteer Shannon have just completed their Emergency First Aid Training Certificate with NE Youth


SOS Survival Programme

The SOS (Strengths, Outcomes, Solutions) programme is for children and young people aged 10-15 years old and was set up, and now ran, by Shannon Burns who is the Children's Domestic Abuse Volunteer for NDAS. The programme was set up to allow young people the chance to experience different challenges, work in teams, get involved in arts, crafts and adventures, and ultimately, overcome fears.

                   See the SOS programme booklet                     here​.



                   And the latest SOS group report                       here

SOS aims to encourage and develop young people's skills  and focuses on these top areas:

Social skills 

Interpersonal skills 


Helping to develop independence

Teaching valuable life skills

Encouraging young people to have respect for others

Increasing young people’s self-esteem and how they are feeling 

How to handle situations appropriately

The young people taking part in this will do a variety of activities including: zip wire, archery, den building, sports, team building and cooking as well as two residentials and activity/adventure days including gyll scrambling.

The SOS Group have already achieved so much. To find out more about this years SOS programmes contact; Maggie Martin, Children and Young People Domestic Abuse Coordinator, email:



The NDAS CADAN Project will provide ‘bespoke’ training for any professionals or organisations from either voluntary or statutory organisation working directly with children or young people to enable them to:-

  • Understand what constitutes domestic abuse

  • Recognise the different types of domestic abuse

  • Understand how an abusing relationship develops and why it can be hard to leave

  • Recognise and effectively support children and young people who are experiencing, fleeing or surviving domestic abuse

  • Empower Children and Young People to value healthy, positive relationships

  • Reduce isolation for children and young people experiencing, fleeing or surviving domestic abuse

  • Confidently deliver issue based work with children and young people

  • Understand that abuse in adolescent relationships is not rare and can be very serious, with some experiencing lethal levels of violence

  • Understand how the needs of young people are different to those of adult victims

Current Training Programmes available are:

  • Young People Affected by Intimate Partner Violence

  • Domestic Abuse Awareness

  • Domestic Abuse – The Impact on Children and Young People

Provision is offered to ALL participants post training to identify resources, support them with the planning and evaluation sessions.

“Very informative about lots of subjects, really good to raise issues

like homosexual domestic abuse.”

“Excellent group discussions”

“I learnt a lot about abusive relationships”

“The activities related to the topic to ensure it was

covered well and understood”

For more information contact; Maggie Martin, Children and Young People Domestic Abuse Coordinator, email:


There are lots of ways to get involved with fundraising, from bake sales, to car boots to skydiving and everything in between. Look out for our Fundraising Handbook coming soon!

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a government initiative open to all 16 and 17-year-olds in England. Participants develop a social action project to deal with a local issue they’re passionate about, and spend 30 hours putting the project into action in their community.  
NCS (West Northumberland) picked NDAS as their charity of choice for their social action project.  They held a fundraising event at Herding Farm at the end of August, and raised £440 for NDAS children's service. 

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