Face Mask Delivery!

Received another delivery of facemasks from Dot today. Helping to keep our staff and service users safe now we are back to doing face to face visits, following social distancing.


NDAS has launched a new webchat service. Someone will be available to take referrals and offer advice between 12 and 2 Monday to Friday. Our phone lines are still open between 10 and 4.30 Monday to Friday but in the case of an emergency please ring 999.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

Domestic Abuse can take on many forms. Some examples of types of abuse include: Physical abuse – includes hitting, punching, choking, and restraining or blocking exits so the victim cannot leave. Mental abuse – includes threats to harm or kill the victim, threats to commit suicide, threats to loved ones and/or pets, intimidating gestures or actions, displaying weapons, and downplaying the abuse. Emotional abuse – includes invalidating feelings, being jealous, withholding affection, not allowing the victim to sleep, stalking, and blaming the victim, name calling, insulting the victim, and yelling. Sexual abuse – forcing sex, criticising how the victim dresses, withholding sex, threate

We have face masks!

We took another delivery of face masks from Dot today to help keep our Service Users and front line workers safe now we are introducing face to face visits again. Thank you for your support! Please get in touch with your practitioner to discuss face to face visits.

DA is everyone's business

Domestic abuse is everyone's business, don't be afraid to speak up. Ring 101 if you are concerned about someones well being Ring 999 in an emergency

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