About Us

Who we are:


Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) is an independent organisation that provides support for anyone experiencing or affected by domestic violence or abuse.  

Domestic violence and abuse is not just about physical abuse from a partner.  Domestic abuse is about someone in your family or household using their power to keep you under their control.  They might do this by controlling your money, constantly checking up on you to see where you are, or deciding who you can or can't see. Sometimes there is physical violence, but violence and abuse come in many forms, not just physical. 

What we believe:

Domestic abuse happens to women, men, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people - and can affect people from all backgrounds and walks of life.  

​The statistics* report that domestic abuse disproportionately affects women, which is reflected in the high volume of women that we work with here in Northumberland each year. We recognise that domestic violence stems from gender inequality and an imbalance of power, and as such we believe that working with both men and women gives us the best possible chance of breaking the cycle of abuse.


The healthy relationship sessions we deliver in schools aims to engage both boys and girls, to enable them to recognise unhealthy relationship behaviours so that they can make informed, positive choices in the future.


NDAS is here to support anyone affected by domestic violence or abuse, irrespective of age, gender or sexuality.

* ONS Crime Survey England & Wales, 2018

Our values:

Welcoming: We welcome you, whoever you are


Believing and accepting: We believe you, accept you and will not judge you. We do not discriminate


Understanding: We understand what you are experiencing. Our staff are here to listen


Protecting: We make sure you stay safe and will help you to make plans to ensure your safety


Empowering: We help you to find your voice and gain confidence and independence


United: Working with you, and with other local partner organisations, to find the right support

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